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Crane Service, Rigging & Cartage

Our knuckleboom crane is versatile and quick. It can be used conventionally or can telescope under overhangs and into building openings.

Rigging is a term used when heavy or awkward loads are moved, often by crane but sometimes with other machinery or even just ropes and pulleys.  We are happy to take on all sorts of light rigging jobs up to the range of ~5,000 to 10,000 lbs.

Cartage is a freight industry term which refers somewhat to the last movement before an item is delivered.  A large item might travel across the country by common carrier but then would be delivered with our specialized truck so it could be placed right where the customer wants it.

Autocar Kunckleboom/rollback truck
Removing commercial oven from bakery
Undecking trailers
Removing box from old truck
Unloading a Tesla model S
Servicing a backup generator
Hot tubs and spas handled with care
Sheds moved, across your yard, or town
Video showing how the Hiab 260AWV crane deploys and how long it is…